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Thank you for volunteering for Siouxland Youth Hockey for the 2023-2024 hockey season.  By registering with us you agree to comply with the Safesport handbook (link above for your review) as well as SYHA policy (See Below).  Please provide the following information so that we can better assist you in completing all the certification requirements.

See you at the rink!



In conjunction with the Mid-West Amateur Hockey Association, Siouxland Youth Hockey has adopted a "Zero Tolerance Policy". This policy outlines behavior expectations for our players, parents, spectators, coaches, team officials, and administrators.

Players or coaches who openly argue with the referees, use obscene language, or make inappropriate gestures, can expect to receive an unsportsmanlike minor penalty. A game misconduct penalty will be assessed to any player/coach who persists in these actions.

Parents who use obscene language, ridicule or threaten players, coaches, officials, other spectators, will be instructed to leave the ice rink. In addition, parents who throw objects in the spectator viewing areas or towards the ice surface playing area in order to create a safety hazard will be instructed to leave the ice rink.

Any player, coach, team, or individual engaged in this behavior will be referred to the Siouxland Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors for disciplinary action. Be advised, Siouxland Youth Hockey will act swiftly on this type of behavior!

Please display appropriate behavior when attending any Siouxland Youth Hockey event. The Siouxland Youth Hockey Association will not tolerate unacceptable player/parental behavior! Players and parents are expected to display positive attitudes in the viewing stands, rink lobbies, parking lots, in use of any social media and locker rooms.



Please direct questions to:

Honore Pittenger


Jodi McCormick

Registration Lead